To open Account Manager page, click Here.

Simply enter your Account Password and Account ID at the main screen to get started!

You'll see options to "Add Game ID", "Delete Game ID" and "Game ID
And to "Renew Account"

To add a new game ID:
Click the option and re-enter your account ID and password. After successfully entering the password, you can now add a new commander ID!

To delete a game ID
Click the option and re-enter your account ID and password. You will see all your commander IDs available. Enter your game ID password to delete the selected character.

Please carefully consider before proceeding with deletion. Once you have deleted the Game IDs you have specified, they are permanently removed from our systems.

To obtain a new password for your game ID:

If you've forgotten the password for your commander, do not worry. We can send you a new one. Click the "Game ID Password" option and select the commander name who's password you've forgotten. Click "send New Password" to complete the process.

You will receive a NEW password for the Game ID. If you find your old
password, it will not work once you have requested a new password to be sent.

Even KRU Interactive does not know about the current Game ID password you have, or the new password you select here. All passwords are stored, encrypted and secured inside KRU Interactive's systems.