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SG City Your real Faction Capital
Flare of SG Tells you what's hot and what's not
Einherjar Home to the Einherjar regiment
Relic Watchers Relic News, Resources and Training

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6days7nights Home to the 6days7nights Regiment
RevX Home to the Revolution X regiment
*T*O*F*U* Shattered Galaxy regimental website -- tofu is not just a food anymore!
Fiery Flare Home to the LFieryFlareL regiment
Chaotic Killaz Home to the Chaotic Killaz regiment
FeriensTego Home to the FeriensTego regiment
Mystics Home to the Mystics regiment
Shadow Council Home to the Shadow Council
CN alliance Chinese players forum (Chinese language)
Noblesse Oblige Korean players forum (Korean language)
Shattered Galaxy cafe Korean players cafe (Korean language)
MMO Kami MMO Kami Shattered Galaxy Forum
Brazilian SG Forum Brazilian Shattered Galaxy forum (Portuguese language)
CN Homeland CN Homeland (Chinese language)

URL Content
Excessive Negation SG Info, player pics and even SG Comics

URL Content
SG City Newbie Guide A new player guide hosted by SG-City.