Engage opponents in frenzied tactical struggles. Unite with allies to contest enemy nations' territorial claims. Customize your units with equipment best suited for your objectives. Achieve promotions for yourself and new upgrades for your war machines. Research new technologies to devastate the opposition. Enter the world of Shattered Galaxy, where battles last minutes and wars span months.

General Information
Hero Character Development and Politics
Unit Design and Upgrade


What is Shattered Galaxy: Massive Online Warfare?
Shattered Galaxy is a unique online only gaming experience where players become military tacticians trying to secure their dominance throughout the massive persistent universe.
What differentiates Shattered Galaxy: Massive Online Warfare from Real Time Strategy (RTS) games?
Shattered Galaxy defies the imposition of genre. It incorporates elements of appeal from various genres such as role-playing games, real-time strategy games, turn-based strategy games, and squad-based games, combining them into one dynamic gaming experience.
In Shattered Galaxy, your position evolves and changes with the outcome of each battle. Your character gains rank, prestige, wealth, land, attributes, and political power. Your combat units gain access to upgrades, new weapons, armors, and special abilities as they increase in experience. Players also battle for the glory of their nation, as they compete against numerous opposing factions for power and wealth in a perpetual struggle for dominance.
How many players can the Shattered Galaxy universe support?
The continuously expanding realm of the shattered Galaxy can support over 100,000 simultaneous combatants in a single universe. Over 50 players controlling upwards of 500 units can imultaneously skirmish within a single battle.
How can I communicate with my friends in Shattered Galaxy?
Shattered Galaxy offers several systems of communication in game. Players can keep in touch with their friends and allies through the use of in-game email and a sophisticated chatting system. You can also send private messages to particular people or make public broadcasts. Finally, players can also express their minds by posting on our in-game bulletin board.

Do I need to play against other players?
Although player vs. player conflicts make up a majority of the battles, players can choose to fight against the vicious aliens that inhabit the subterranean caves on the planets. The further a player pushes from his capital, the more likely his chance to fight rare and mysterious aliens. Shattered Galaxy also offers many variations for player vs. player battles, including a training facility, simulation center, and even a royal rumble.

How do I find out more about Shattered Galaxy's upcoming events, patches, etc?
A You can receive the latest Shattered Galaxy news in your e-mail box straight from the SG development team, just by quickly subscribing to our SG mailing list here.

Are the tactical battles the same as RTS battles?
No. Most RTS games concentrate on resource management. Shattered Galaxy battles stress tactics, not fast mouse movement or generating an immense army to overwhelm an enemy. In Shattered Galaxy, you control a small number of customized units and cannot build additional units during the course of a battle. Also, Shattered Galaxy stresses teamwork and cooperation, where good communication and sound strategies play huge roles in the outcome of battles.

What features provide an extra emphasis on tactics?
The various features and functions of the many different units allows room for endless creativity in tactics. Players must deal with scouting, holding points of contentions, and organizing squads to maximize their effectiveness in battles. Players can also optimize their units to carry out specialized tasks or to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. Furthermore, players can utilize landmarks and strategic points on the unique maps of each province to their advantage.
How do I enter battles in Shattered Galaxy?
Commanders can deploy their squads into battle through the strategic map feature. The strategic map displays the current land holdings of each faction and the hotspots on the planet. Commanders can choose which battle to enter by having their Hero walk to the battlefront, or by utilizing our real-time reinforcement feature. Our real-time reinforcement feature allows heroes to reserve a place in the battle and lets the commander observe the battle until his squad arrives in battle. Because all reinforcements are done in real-time, attacking provinces further from the capital become increasingly difficult as it takes longer for reinforcement to arrive. Real-time reinforcement also adds strategy by permitting nations to cut off reinforcement lines. If commanders don't feel like joining an ongoing battle they can always start their own. Heroes can engage new battles by attacking any enemy province adjacent to their nation.
Does Shattered Galaxy include any resource management features?

Yes. Units require energy to operate during battle. Depending upon how a unit was designed, it will probably have to recharge at least once during the course of a battle. Recharging locations become additional tactical objectives and energy reserves are a concern any good commander will consider when designing and deploying his units. Additionally resources are allocated to your character depending on the outcome of the battles, and the standings of your faction. Your hero receives a salary allowing him to repair, replace, and upgrade his units.

How are tactical battles carried out in Shattered Galaxy?
In Shattered Galaxy, commanders have different objectives depending on the various circumstances of the battle. In battles against aliens, players must force back the alien surge while holding several strategic points. In faction battles, victory is achieved by controlling specific locations of the battlefield for an extended period of time. When invading a neighboring province, attackers must capture strategic points known as Point of Contentions. Defending nations must neutralize the threat by totally decimating the attackers, or by holding off the onslaught for a specified time limit. Therefore, while bloodbaths are certainly possible, they are by no means the only method of achieving victory.
How many units can I control in a battle?
As Shattered Galaxy places an emphasis on tactics, commanders control single squads (ranging from 6 to 12 units) in battle. Commanders control the organization of their squads, along with the configurations of each individual unit in battle to maximize their roles. Commanders also have access to reinforcing battles with up to 42 additional reserve units fully configurable into extra squads.
Will every battle affect my position or can I play against friends for fun?
Simulation centers allow players from anywhere in the galaxy to fight with no change to their position. In addition to friendly sparring, the simulation centers allow players to experiment with new designs and tactics.
Besides battle tactics, what other strategic elements are incorporated in Shattered Galaxy?
Shattered Galaxy offers many additional strategic elements besides the tactical battles. Heroes can participate in a fully operational political system, voting for officials and alliances. Shattered Galaxy utilizes a strategic map to display vital information about factions, provinces, and ongoing battles. Shattered Galaxy also utilizes real time reinforcement making it increasingly difficult for nations to hold their front the further they push from the capital.

What defines my hero?
Heroes have four primary attributes: tactics, education, clout, and mechanical aptitude. Tactics governs how many battle units you can control in a squad. Education determines accessibility of equipment for your battle units. Clout directly affects your hero's access to advanced unit chassis. Mechanical aptitude dictates the amount of equipment each unit can equip. Other designations that identify a hero include their rank, their faction and regiment loyalty, and their win-loss record. Heroes also have an honor and prestige rating and can earn special medals.
Can my Hero character fight?
No. Your character controls wealth, power, land, and units. The latter perform the fighting for your character. From an in-game perspective, your character employs a special comm system to allow him to mentally communicate with and control all of your units during the battle. So while your character does determine the outcome of the fighting, he is not physically involved in the battle.
How do I increase my Hero's rank?
Heroes can raise their rank in four separate divisions: infantry, mobile, aviation and organics. As your units combat in battles, they gain experience and level up. Every time a battle unit levels up, your hero receives a certain amount of experience towards its relative division. When your hero receives enough division experience, your Hero will also level up to a higher rank in that division.
Can I receive additional attribute points for my Hero?
Yes. Every time your raise a rank in any one of the four divisions, you hero will receive an extra attribute point. You may choose to place your attribute points in any one of the four primary attributes.
What political options are available to my Hero?
As warfare and politics go hand in hand, Shattered Galaxy offers a full scale political system. Once a hero achieves a certain rank, they will be able to participate in the politics of their faction. Players can nominate others or even themselves for political positions. They can vote for their candidates and also on domestic and foreign policies. Elected officials are granted special powers and can name other players to their council. Council members also have special abilities and can start up specialized groups known as "regiments". Heroes can also rise in power by raising his status in a regiment.

How many types of units are available?
Shattered Galaxy does not have unit types per se. Over 30 chassis types are available, each with unique characteristics. However these chassis only provide the frame for the unit. An engine, power supply, computer, weapons, armor, sensors, and miscellaneous equipment must all be selected from hundreds of possibilities. Thousands of viable designs exist. Which unit designs you decide to use will depend upon your preferences, your intelligence reports on your enemies units, and the characteristics of the battlefield where you anticipate fighting. Nexon is also continually bringing out new chassis, items, and special abilities on a regular basis.
How many units can I own?
Initially, your hero can own up to 48 total units. You can also sell and replace your units. You can own more units by advancing your hero through special events.
Do I have to design my units?
For those who are less interested in unit design, dozens of pre-made unit designs are provided. Summaries of the general capabilities of each allow you to quickly choose units that will suit your objectives. If you wish, you can then make minor adjustments to these designs without becoming fully immersed in the sophisticated design system.
Can I alter my units between battles?
Every unit is totally customizable, even down to its name. You can even upgrade the chassis to a more powerful chassis model, or transform it into a totally different chassis. You can alter your unit by visiting the Unit Development Facility located in your faction capital.
What kinds of upgrades are available to my units?
Each chassis type can upgrade to an advanced unit chassis when enough "unit quality" is achieved. Unit upgrades consist of upgrading to a superior mark of that same chassis type or transforming to a totally new chassis type. Improvements in upgrading include more space available to the unit, increased speed, and greater HP, along with new special abilities if a unit transforms.
As my character progresses, do I gain access to different units and equipment?
Yes. As your hero and units level up they will gain access to new weapons and items, upgrades and chassis types. Some of the rarest items will only be available at the most powerful levels.