Please select an avatar that best represents your hero. Type '/avatar (number)' in game to change to the avatar. You may need uranium to change the avatar.

/avatar 1A fierce leader willing to sacrifice his units for the betterment of his faction this commander exhibits qualities of integrity and fairness.
/avatar 2Free spirited and fun-loving, this hero amazes his fellow allies with his unpredictable tactics.
/avatar 3Known for his steadfast determination in battle, this commander can wear down even the toughest opponents.
/avatar 4Using superior strategies and outwitting his enemies, this hero is feared as a master tactician.
/avatar 5Sexy and beautiful, this commander is all business when it comes to taking a province. Using her powerful units she decimates opposing forces.
/avatar 6Displaying courage and strength equal to none, this commander is the epitome of bravery in battle.
/avatar 7This fiery heroine is quick to battle, but backs her reputation with her impressive combat skills.
/avatar 8Capable of apsychic like precision in predicting enemy tactics, this commander always remain calm during the heat of battle.
/avatar 9Sly and demure, this heroine uses her excellent ability to observe and assess even the most harrowing battle situations to lead her troops to victory.
/avatar 10The fearless valkyrie leads her troops into battle with passion and strength.
/avatar 11The valiant guardian is a stalwart protector of the faction, dedicating life and limb for the good of his fellow citizens.