Shattered Galaxy in game commands list

Shattered Galaxy in game commands list. You can type these in game into the chatting area. Some commands will need extra condition to use, like Elite hero status and uranium.

/help Shows commands list in game
/time Shows server clock (PST time)
/whereami Shows hero field location
/find [name] Shows field location of the user
/changename [new name] Change upper, lower case of name
/avatar [number] Change hero look
/fasthero Increase hero move speed for a few hours
/statreset Reset hero stat
/repair Repair all units
/quorg Enable quorg in factory
/wight Enable wight in factory
/dailyuranium Shows next daily uranium time
/relicmove Move back to relic planet
/showmember Shows regiment member list
/makeregiment [new regiment name] Make a new regiment
/invite [name] Invite a member to regiment
/uninvite [name] Uninvite a member from regiment
/rank [name] Rank a member
/unrank [name] Unrank a member
/changerank [number],[number] Switch rank
/rmsg [text] Change regiment text, they can see when they log in
/rpower Shows current regiment power