• About Abominations and Quorgs

    • What are Abominations and Quorgs and how can I get them?
      Abominations and Quorgs are special units that you cannot get normally. Abominations are usually given out as event rewards. You can get the ability to purchase Quorgs in game by using the command '/quorg', but the ability costs a large amount of uranium.

    • I heard there are Abomination codes and Quorg codes. What are they and how can I get them?
      Abomination codes were given to players who pre-ordered Shattered Galaxy when the game came out. Some Abominaiton codes or Quorg codes have been given out in the past during special events. We think that no one has unused codes anymore. Please beware of scammers who claim they are selling Abomination codes. If you believe you own an unused code and want to use it, please submit a ticket to Kru support.