As you advance in the challenging universe of the Shattered Galaxy, you will continually hone your skills and powers to ever-greater levels. Eventually you will reach the pinnacle of your current potential and the progress of your legacy will face a dramatic choice. Will you be willing to give up your prior accomplishments and fortunes for a chance at even greater fame and might?

What is a Reincarnation?
A Reincarnation is a special event usually occurring at the end of a war, where you can progress your hero to even greater glory. You can advance your powers through the reincarnation event by sacrificing some of your current accomplishments in exchange for permanent bonuses. Due to the strains associated with the reincarnation process, heroes wishing to undergo the process must fulfill certain minimum requirements.

What are the minimum requirements to Reincarnate?
Due to the strenuous nature of the Reincarnation process, only the most determined and resolute heroes qualify. Your hero must be lvl 50 or above in at least one division to qualify for reincarnation. Also, only Elite Heroes qualify for reincarnation.

What accomplishments are given up during the Reincarnation process?
To verify the commitment of your hero and your willingness to undergo the reincarnation process, several sacrifices will be asked of you. All reincarnating heroes will need to give up all the money, honor, and units they have accumulated to that point. Reincarnated heroes will start afresh with a small sum of money to recruit and equip their new squads. They also will begin their new lives at level 1 in all divisions and with the base statistics in each attribute. They will be given 20 non-bonus attribute points along with a number of additional bonus attribute points to distribute. Reincarnated heroes will retain all medals, prestige, and records from their previous lives.

If I lose those accomplishments, why would I want to reincarnate?
Reincarnation is the only way to increase your hero's strength beyond the normal standards of Morgana. Depending on your accomplishments in your prior life, your hero will earn a number of bonus attribute points for use in their future lives. All bonus attribute points you earn through reincarnation permanently stays for the life of your hero! These bonus attribute points will continuously add up every time you reincarnate, enabling you to strengthen your hero to their maximum potential. Even by undergoing only one or two reincarnations, you greatly increase your potential over non-reincarnated heroes. Reincarnation gives you the opportunity to try out new and exciting attribute combinations that were previously impossible. Also if you were unsatisfied with your previous attribute distribution, reincarnation give you the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Finally, reincarnated heroes receive special graphical designation in recognition of their status. These special designations will also become grander as your hero advances through more and more reincarnations.

So how many bonus attribute points do I earn for reincarnating my hero?
To reincarnate, your hero must be level 50 in at least one division. You will earn TWO bonus attribute points for each timeyou reincarnate. Additionally, you can eran more points by leveling your hero beyond level 50 in a division. For each level beyond 50 in a division, you will be putting points into your bonus level bank. Depending on the number of bonus levels you have in you bonus level bank, you will earn even more bonus points. By reincarnating multiple times through future events, you could eventually power your hero to max out in all attributes! For more information on the number of attribute points collected for reincarnating, please visit the Reincarnation Table.

What other facts should i know about reincarnation?
As only the strongest of heroes will be able to reincarnate, to test their mettle, they will be faced with great challenges. All reincarnating heroes will reincarnate into their exisiting faction and planet and will need to battle their way up without the handicaps of a beginner's planet. To ease their transistion back into the harsh worlds of Shattered Galaxy, reincarnated heroes will be able to hold 2 additional units (max 100 units per hero) for each reincarnation in their storage.